Wednesday, 25 June 2014

What is the purpose of this blog?

This blog has one primary purpose: to promote awareness and understanding of Lonerganian hermeneutics among New Testament scholars. I will describe more exactly what I mean by "Lonerganian hermeneutics" in a subsequent post, but here let me merely say a bit more about what prompted me to start a blog with this purpose. First, most simply, I think that the hermeneutics developed in the mid-20th century by Jesuit philosopher Bernard Lonergan, introduced into New Testament studies by Ben F. Meyer, and more recently advocated by N.T. Wright can help us resolve some of the more pernicious conceptual problems that currently beset our discipline. Second, much of the work regarding Lonerganian hermeneutics and the New Testament has been exemplary it is the case that Meyer's volume, the latest dating to the early-90s, are beginning to show their age, both in terms of their engagement with New Testament scholarship but also Lonerganian scholarship, and that with his primarily exegetical concerns Dr. Wright devotes little time to examining these hermeneutics in their own right; there is, I think, an urgent need to update and deepen the discussion. Third, given the preceding, I am currently working on a monograph on Lonerganian hermeneutics in relation specifically to historical Jesus studies, and as I prepare this volume I would welcome any interaction with other scholars on these matters. Finally, I would  be guilty of a sin of omission if I did not admit fully a fourth motivation, namely to whet the appetites of potential readers for that forthcoming volume.

So, sit back, enjoy, perhaps learn, and hopefully teach me with your responses to my meanderings.

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