Monday, 18 July 2016

A Word of Clarification

I was just rereading my most-recent post and realize that I omitted to mention something, and as a result potentially misrepresent Campbell's argument. I failed to note that he holds that the place of Paul's imprisonment must be close to Colossae, due to Phlm. 22, wherein Paul asks that a guest room be prepared for him, and also his judgment that Onesimus' separation from Philemon is only intelligible if the estrangement has been only for a few days. I would say simply the following. 1) I don't think that the request for that a guest room be prepared should be taken as more than a way of expressing Paul's confidence that he will shown be released. 2) I don't think that the evidence regarding slavery excludes the possibility that Paul is in Caesarea. 3) I do not think that this additional consideration on Campbell's part obviates the critique that he has excluded data which ought not to be excluded.

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